Wall Stays

Any traditional, floor mounted radiator can support its own weight and be plumbed in with ease, but without one or more of our Wall Stays if any force is applied to that radiator it may tip lean or even tip-over, wrenching at your pipework in the process causing a great deal of damage. Wall Stays simply slot in between the vertical sections of a traditional radiator and screw into the wall, while two ornate clamps are fixed to the front and rear of the column to hold the radiator in place.
It might sound unlikely to happen, but there are a lot of situations where a very heavy traditional radiator, especially a cast iron one, could be exceedingly dangerous if a person was to lean on it at a gathering, or if a young one was to attempt to climb it.
These risks are certainly not worth taking, but happily enough our luxury Wall Stays are all finished to match the options available for our valves and our sleeving kits, and make for a very tasteful means of securing your new designer radiator.

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