The word ‘Aeon’ alludes to an eternal divine being, drawing on the romantic stimulus of a beauty which is deific and everlasting. This name is fitting for Aeon and their inspiration to create radiators of perfection from stainless steel; radiators which are sights to behold, exquisite products which last forever.

Aeon takes their design ethos to their heart, and their inspirations are drawn from as many wide reaching fields as possible; from historical periods, from movements in art, literature and music, from the Orient and the Mediterranean, from the natural world and from modern architecture and sculptures.

Not only does Aeon boast visionary innovation within their designs, they also push ahead on the cutting edge of industry practice in manufacturing. In their factory they employ industry leading materials, machinery and techniques, working with the highest quality grades of stainless steel to ensure the longest possible life, safe from peeling, flaking and discolouration. All of their stainless steel utilises TIG welding so that the joints are every bit as strong as the main body of the radiator.

Utilising amazing new machinery Aeon is able to produce masterpieces like the Twister, with multiple separate but uniformly manipulated. Aeon’s range stands out amongst the competition, offering something different for each room in the home.

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