Bisque is a truly adventurous designer radiator manufacturer which takes risks in design and manufacturing to bring you the cutting edge in stylistic choice. Becoming a part of Zehnder Group in 2007, Bisque has nearly a century of rich experience to draw upon and constantly move our industry further into a designer radiator dream.

Over thirty years ago Bisque began the radiator revolution, and in homes across the country beautiful radiators in excitingly rare shapes, styles and colours started to spring up with Bisque’s signature style making real impact wherever it spread. Through word of mouth, these exceedingly chic models began to catch on, and when the internet became more prominent Bisque had already placed itself at the centre of the industry.

By impressing its customers with exquisite quality and suave stylisation, along with the support of Zehnder, Bisque has been able to grow more adventurous year on year with a passion to create what has never been created before.

Bisque’s innovations for the bathroom and regular living spaces have earned places in exhibitions in the Design Museum of London as well as the Museum of Modern Art in Philadelphia, there is no doubt therefore that a Bisque radiator will have the dramatic effect you are looking for.

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