Paladin is the UK’s foremost specialists in manufacturing, building and customer finishing bespoke cast iron radiators. They devote themselves to the cause of creating wonderfully tasteful traditional radiators from cast iron. They are not reclaimed; they are entirely brand new and made at your request to your exact requirements.


Paladin first manufacture thousands of individual radiator sections every week to keep their warehouse adequately stocked with each size of each design. Once an order is placed they build the radiator to the exact size ordered, and complete it in one of the luxury finish options available; from sumptuous Farrow & Ball colours and hand highlighted finishes which accentuate the raised detail in the iron with another colour to make it stand out, to hand polishing the bare cast iron in order to leave it’s uniquely shining surface bare for the world to see.


There is little that Paladin cannot do with cast iron. Their speciality makes them the authority on the subject of traditional radiators, and their passion makes them the best there as what they do.


For a historical or period property there simply isn’t another option as good as a cast iron radiator from Paladin. The radiators they produce are at the highest of quality in material, manufacturing process and care taken to finish and deliver them. For those with adventurous spirits a Paladin radiator will be the perfect juxtaposition to modern living environment.

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