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Streamline Your Heating with Vertical Electric Radiators
Seeking to merge efficiency and elegance in your home heating? Our contemporary vertical electric radiators from RDS Radiators infuse spaces with warmth and style.
As the UK’s top heating specialist for over 10 years, we offer high-performing vertical radiators to complement modern interiors.

Sleek Profiles That Enhance Modern Aesthetics
Our vertical electric radiator collection impresses with diversity to match your vision. Select from sizes ranging from compact 742mm to an imposing 1850mm tall. With depths of just 117mm, their slender profiles maximize space utilization in any room.

Or make a dramatic statement with our XL 2 metre double panel models, perfect for large walls.
Their spacious heating surface provides comforting warmth right where you need it.

Unleash the Potential of Compact Spaces
The slender and streamlined form of our vertical electric radiators makes them perfect for narrow walls and compact areas. With their modest 117mm depth, they free up valuable floor space in room layouts where every inch counts.

Bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and more feel airier and less cramped.
And the gently rising warmth from our vertical radiators keeps these small yet pivotal spaces cosy.

Convection Heating for Comfort
Vertical orientation optimizes the natural convection process for heating efficiency. As air at the base of the radiator warms, it gently rises upwards, pulling fresh cool air behind it. This creates a continual flow of warmth through the room.

Strategically positioned air vents assist this motion, ensuring your space feels comfortably temperate from floor to ceiling. Convection heating provides truly enveloping warmth without hot or cold spots.

Intuitive Controls for Precision
Take command of your heating comfort with our user-friendly thermostatic controllers. Set automated heating schedules tailored to your lifestyle, with customizable comfort levels for daytime and overnight modes.

Or manually override settings as needed with the intuitive dial interface. With open window detection and adaptive start built-in, our clever controllers help reduce energy wastage too.

Grants and Incentives Made Accessible
Finance the switch to electric heating with schemes and incentives from the UK government and leading energy suppliers. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides households in England and Wales with vouchers worth £5,000 or more to support the installation of low-carbon heating replacements when replacing a gas boiler.

And for vulnerable households struggling with energy costs, grants are available through schemes like Warmer Homes Scotland. Improving the efficiency of your existing heating can qualify too. Our advisors are happy to offer detailed guidance on any schemes, discounts and exemptions you may be eligible for.

Save Energy and Money
Little adjustments to how you operate your heating can save energy and lower bills too:

Set programming to provide warmth only during times of occupancy

Allow some cooling of rooms before reheating

Use smart thermostatic radiator valves for room-by-room control

Insulate walls, floors and pipes to prevent heat loss

And don’t overlook basic maintenance like bleeding radiators or replacing filters and seals when worn.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do vertical electric radiators heat as well as conventional radiators?

Yes. Vertical models provide equal heat outputs to standard radiators, with the added benefit of optimal convection-based warmth.

Can I install an electric radiator in my bathroom?

Yes, provided the radiator you choose is rated as bathroom-safe and waterproof. Many of our models feature durable IP65 splash-proof finishes perfect for high humidity.

What is the typical lifespan for an electric radiator?

When properly maintained, a quality electric radiator will provide reliable heating for 15 years or longer.

Where can I find the widest range of styles?

With over 400 electric heating products in our collection, Electric Radiators Direct offers the UK’s most extensive selection.

Key Takeaways:
With their subtle styling and exceptional efficiency, vertical electric radiators are ideal for contemporarily designed living spaces. Their energy-saving performance and adaptability for awkward spaces makes upgrading your heating both planet and wallet-friendly. For an interior radiating refined warmth and style, vertical electric models are the clear choice.

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