Seat Radiators

As a fantastic way to pair together both style and practicality, Seat Radiators are absolutely ingenious creations which both warm a space and offer a comfortable place to sit at the same time. Because it is based upon the standard steel-multicolumn which is so very popular, bench radiators are a sensible solution in conservatories, bay windows, changing rooms and even bedrooms.
Some Seat Radiators come with a stock wooden top, while others actually come without it so that you can have a seat made or upholstered to suit your preference. The radiator base can be finished to suit your preferences, and if you have purchased a particular brands steel multicolumn radiator for another part of the home then the matching finish will be available to co-ordinate them together with.
The Seat Radiators we offer at the Designer Radiator Showroom are well suited for both use in the home and commercial projects, and make for a doubly comfortable environment to take a perch.

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