Stainless Steel Radiators

Our Stainless Steel Radiators category features the highest quality designer radiators available, made from highly durable stainless steel which is versatile enough to be manipulated into designs which both defy expectation and push the boundaries of what it is possible to do with metal. For the inspired designer, stainless steel is a wonderful material which allows them to craft their heart’s desires, in a way which results in stunning design, great heat output and quality which lasts decades.
Any radiator is subject to deterioration over time, but the secret to the ever-lasting radiator isn’t completely out of reach with Stainless Steel. Most radiator materials are unable to withstand the rigorous environment of the modern bathroom for more than a year or two – chrome peels, paint flakes etc – but stainless steel is fundamentally superior, giving you not only peace of mind, but pride in the sumptuous appearance of its surface.
All of the radiators in our Stainless Steel Radiator category are either polished to a near mirror sheen, or brush treated to provide a contemporary satin effect, and both finishes boast a completely neutral tone which works anywhere in the home.

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