Traditional Radiators

The Timeless Beauty of Traditional Radiators

For period homes and tasteful interior design, traditional radiators offer a classic aesthetic that modern radiator equivalents do not.
Our wide selection of traditional radiators is a collection of the finest timeless models that would look at home in a stately manor or your own home.

Elegant, Vibrant Colours to Match Any Decors
Each radiator can be finished to your liking, with a superb choice of colours. When coordinating the rich, vibrant, and often pastoral colours of a traditional home, our expansive selection makes it nearly impossible to go wrong.

We have gathered an ample range of elegant designs that have stood the test of decades, even centuries, for you to enjoy. With the rich textures of classic cast iron, the ageless look of steel multi-column models, and the ability to manufacture either to an extremely high standard in any size of your choice, we are proud to offer the finest collection of traditional radiators in the UK.

The History and Craftsmanship of Traditional Radiators
Cast Iron Radiators – Strong, Sturdy, and Stylish
Cast iron radiators have been warming homes for over a century. This tried and true material offers unmatched heating performance thanks to its excellent heat conduction and retention properties. These heavy-duty radiators are built to last lifetimes with proper maintenance. Their elegance and intricate designs add character to any room.

Steel Panel Radiators – Lighter Weight, Bold Lines
Steel panel radiators offer sleek, clean lines compared to old-fashioned cast iron models. They are lighter in weight but still provide efficient heating. These radiators work well in both modern and traditional settings. Their simple, striking silhouette makes a statement on any wall.

Customizable Sizing for a Perfect Fit
One of the best aspects of traditional radiators is the ability to customize sizes to fit your exact space and heating needs. This avoids the problem of needing to find a radiator that happens to match your room’s dimensions.
Any of our high quality traditional models can be made and shipped to fit your wall perfectly.

Traditional Radiator Styles to Suit any Decors
Column Radiators – Stately and Distinctive
Column radiators have a stately, upright design that instantly commands attention. The strong vertical lines and detailing give rooms a formal, elegant feel.
These substantial radiators make an imposing statement as the focal point of a room.

Decorative Cast Iron – Ornate Details for Period Homes
For period homes and rooms with traditional styling, decorative cast iron radiators are hard to beat. Intricate floral motifs, curved embellishments, and other ornate details give these models unmatched vintage character. They complete the look and feel of a room from a bygone era.

Horizontal Multicom Radiators – Clean, Balanced Lines
Horizontal multi-column, or multCom, radiators have a clean, balanced appearance that integrates gracefully into both modern and classically styled rooms.
Their uniform horizontal tubes give a sense of order and visual harmony. You can find models with as few as five or as many as 50 tubes.

Choosing the Right Traditional Radiator for You
When selecting a traditional radiator, consider the style of your home, the size and layout of the room, and how much heating power you need. Here are some key factors:

Room size – Make sure to pick a radiator with enough BTUs to heat the room’s square footage effectively. Oversizing is better than undersizing.

Placement – Put larger radiators under windows where more heat is lost. Horizontal models work well under wide windows. Vertical column radiators can flank narrower windows.

Decors – Match ornate vintage styles like decorative cast iron to period rooms. Sleeker horizontal multicom options work in modern and traditional spaces.

Budget – Cast iron is generally more expensive than steel. But with proper care it lasts nearly forever and looks fantastic.

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Traditional Radiator
Follow this advice to keep your traditional radiator looking its best for generations:

Use a specialist paint designed for cast iron or steel radiators. Avoid regular paint which can crack or blister under high heat.

Dust regularly with a soft brush or cloth to prevent dirt build-up.

Clean any metal surfaces at least annually using a degreasing agent for radiators. Avoid abrasive scouring pads.

Fix any cracks, leaks, or corrosion immediately to prevent further damage. Contact a specialist for repairs.

With the right selection and care, a traditional radiator will provide cosy, dignified warmth while enhancing your decors for many years to come. The craftsmanship and aesthetics of these time-honored models make them worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traditional Radiators
How are traditional radiators different from modern radiators?

Traditional radiators are made from materials like cast iron or steel and have an ornate, vintage design. Modern radiators use lighter materials like aluminium and have a plain, contemporary look.

What rooms are traditional radiators best suited for?

Traditional radiators complement period homes and rooms with a formal, elegant decor. Their vintage styling adds character.

Do traditional radiators heat as well as modern radiators?

Yes, when properly sized for the space, traditional cast iron and steel radiators provide very effective heating. The materials retain and emit heat well.

What maintenance do traditional radiators require?

Keep them dusted, clean the surfaces annually, and repaint occasionally with specialist radiator paint. Fix any leaks or damage immediately to prevent bigger problems.

How long do traditional radiators last?

Properly maintained cast iron and steel radiators will remain functional for 50 years or longer. Their durability is unmatched by newer styles.

Choose the Ideal Traditional Radiator for Your Home
Our wide selection of traditional radiators offers elegant options to match any period home or tasteful contemporary space. With the ability to customize sizes and finishes, you are sure to find the perfect model to enhance your rooms with dignified, efficient warmth.
Contact our team today to discuss your needs and select the ideal traditional radiator for you.

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