Radiator Valves

The biggest part of buying a designer radiator is its appearance. If we weren’t entranced by how amazing they look we would probably just buy a basic one instead. The biggest mistake we see comes in the form of not buying a set of valves which match the radiator’s design, and putting basic white plastic set where they simply do not belong.
We have modern rounded TRVs to suit contemporary radiators, traditional TRVs in gorgeous brass or nickel finishes to match with ornate traditional radiators, elliptical valves which pair together exceedingly well with oval shaped models, and square valves which complete the look of our cubic designer radiators.
Don’t just leave it to the plumber! Most plumbers have a small selection of valves, but here at the Designer Radiator Showroom we have the most exciting range of manual and thermostatic models in a huge variety of shapes and finishes, so there will always be a perfect valve to complement your new radiator!

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