Corner Valves

Corner Valves are made so that they can be fitted to radiators where the pipework comes out from the wall, in an aesthetically pleasing way. Water flows from the wall into the back of these lovely valves, takes a 90° turn sideways into the radiator yet keeps the head of the valve pointing up towards the ceiling for the best appearance and to make them easier to use.
Our Corner Valves category is full of the world’s most stylish designer radiators valves. Modern Corner Valves used to rule this class, and they are still magnificent to behold, but we now have traditional corner valves which feature genuine wooden wheel heads and sumptuous finishes like antique copper and polished brass. Not only do we have valves which feature brass on the outside, they are all made from brass on the inside, making for fantastic quality which cannot be beaten.
Sometimes referred to as ‘Double-Angled’, Corner Valves work for any pipework that protrudes out from your wall, and you don’t need to worry about whether you are connecting to the radiator on the side or underneath, Corner Valves suit both perfectly.

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