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At Designer Radiator Showroom we have a charming variety of Manual Valves in stock ready for next day delivery. Manual Valves are operated purely by your choice to open them and close them yourself. There is nothing complex about their design; they simply remain open or closed depending on your choice. Most Manual Valve sets include a Lock-Shield valve which is adjusted by your plumber at the time of installation, and a Wheel-Head valve which is for you to use. Occasionally valve sets can include two Wheel-Heads.

Manual Valves are simple in operation as they can only turn your radiator on or off, so in practice they are usually paired with towel radiators, however if you know that you aren’t going to every control the temperature in a room with a thermostat then a manual valve can provide exciting design ideas. For most towel radiators a Manual Valve would be the go-to choice simply because you often don’t need to think about turning your bathroom’s radiators up or down, and additionally Manual Valves are smaller and feature more design choices.

Because manual valves are smaller than TRVs, they are usually the choice to go for in bathrooms, or with radiators where you don’t think you will need to adjust the radiator at all, and want to have the most discreet options available.

Manual valves are where manufacturers have a lot more freedom to express themselves with unique and surprising designs. This is because a thermostatic valve would usually be set at a number of different positions, so normally has to be rounded to maintain symmetry, while manual valves will be positioned either open or closed, which allows them to be made in new shapes including squares, ovals, cross-heads and more.

Along with the many creative and exciting design ideas that are possible with manual valves, they still come in the same finishes available for all of our other accessories such as sleeving kits and wall stays, so you will always be able to have perfect, matching finishes to complete your new designer radiator. Our range of Manual Valves at Designer Radiator Showroom is filled with a variety of choice in style and finish, meaning you are certain to find the perfect valves to complement your radiator or towel radiator. Pair traditionally designed valves with a traditional towel radiator or select something angular and modern to effortlessly accentuate your new contemporary designer radiator.

Unsure which valve you need?

To make things more confusing, valves come in three orientations: Angled, Corner and Straight. To figure out which kind of valves you need you will need two key pieces of information.

Where is your pipework coming from? Your pipework for your radiator will either exit the wall of your room or the floor of your room.
Where are the pipe connections on your new radiator? The connections of your radiator will either be on the side or the underneath.

Once you have this information, we can easily determine which valves you need:

Floor Pipework & Side Connections: Angled Valves
Floor Pipework & Underneath Connections: Straight Valves

Wall Pipework & Side Connections: Corner Valves
Wall Pipework & Underneath Connections: Corner Valves

If you are still unsure, our sales team are here to help Monday – Friday 9-5pm via phone or email.

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