Thermostatic Valves

Our collection of thermostatic valves is made up of the most effective and beautiful valves that this Earth has to offer. At the Designer Radiator Showroom boast the sleekest modern TRVs in bright chrome, smooth satin nickel and even dark yet glossy black nickel, all which are available for our modern and traditional TRVs, as well as the matching sleeving kits to hide your pipework as well.
Thermostatic Valves can bet set with their number dial to reach a desired level of warmth and then maintain it, allowing you to relax in the comfort of your home and not have to think about things getting a little bit too toasty, or being too chilly.
Our modern Realm TRVs are simple yet attractive, and will suit any modern and even some traditional designer radiators, but have look at our gorgeous old style Thermostatic Valves like the Faringdon with its genuine wooden wheel-head and clean natural edges, or the Gothic TRV with its intricately ornate head and its almost sculpted quality.

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