Electric Towel Radiators

The bathroom is a unique space when it comes to heating; it’s the one space where it’s great to have the option to heat it all year around. Because it’s not so practical to have your heating on in the summer months, here at the Designer Radiator Showroom we have gathered a wide selection of Electric Towel Radiators from each of our brands to present to you the best electric models on the market.
The two best choices for the bathroom would be either a completely electric towel radiator, or a dual fuel radiator. The electric models are easier to install than a plumbed version as they don’t need to be connected to the central heating system, and depending on the element it is fitted with can have a variety of control option. Dual fuel options however are connect to the central heating as well as being able to run independently on the electric element installed into it, making them more flexible across the year to run efficiently.
At the Designer Radiator Showroom we provide a fantastic mixture of basic electric towel rails, through to the most extravagant electric models available, and have radiators made from high quality steel, brass, aluminium and stainless steel, bringing you a range like no other.

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