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F-Bar is the perfect wall-mounted towel rail that offers plenty of towel storage in an attractive but practical shelf design. Perfect for small bathrooms or en-suites, the contemporary compact design is both functional and stylish.

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Stylish and Energy Efficient – Aeon F Bar Radiators are the Future of Heating

With their slimline design and efficiency enhancements, Aeon F Bar radiators represent the next generation in home heating solutions. This innovative take on a classic product helps you reduce energy consumption while adding an element of contemporary style to your living spaces.

Constructed from durable aluminium, these horizontal bar radiators maximize conductivity to rapidly heat your room using less energy. And with a smaller surface footprint than traditional panel radiators, they give you more flexibility in interior layouts without sacrificing warmth.

Key Benefits of Aeon F Bar Radiators:

  • Slim and Space-Saving – With a depth of just 86mm, these horizontal bar radiators protrude less from the wall than bulky old-fashioned radiators. Reclaim valuable floor space!
  • Rapid Heat Transfer – Precision engineered fins quickly transfer heat energy from the aluminium construction out into your room. Feel the warmth fast!
  • Lower Running Costs – Conducting and releasing heat more efficiently, these next-gen radiators help slash your energy usage and bills.
  • No Rust or Corrosion – Durable aluminium resists damage from moisture – an improvement over steel alternatives which can rot and decay over time.
  • Easy Maintenance – Simply wipe clean occasionally to maintain the sleek, modern aesthetic. No draining or repairs needed!

With excellent conductivity that outpaces cast iron and steel alternatives, Aeon F Bar radiators make an energy-smart upgrade that will stand the test of time.

Adaptable Styles to Match Any Decors

Aeon F Bar radiators come in different configurations to blend with your tastes and interior design:

  • Single Bar – With a central heating bar and two side panels, this style offers understated sophistication.
  • Double Bar – Two parallel heating bars connected by perpendicular cross fins create visual impact.
  • Curved – For a subtle modern twist, curved bar radiators make an elegant statement with flowing lines.
  • Anthracite Finish – In addition to white and silver grey, the darker anthracite shade adds high-contrast drama.

With flexible sizing from 400mm to 3000mm lengths, it’s easy to find the right contemporary radiator to match your existing schemes or inspire an exciting new look.

Heat Output to Handle Any Space

Properly warming larger, open plan living is crucial. Aeon F Bar radiators deliver focused heat energy rated from 1785 to 7100 BTU.

Accurately calculating the heating requirements of unfamiliar spaces can prove challenging. Thankfully, Aeon’s handy BTU calculator makes it easy. Simply input vital statistics like room dimensions, window numbers, and insulation levels. The calculator precisely determines how many BTUs you need to efficiently heat the space.

Radiator Energy Saving Tips and Heating Grants

While Aeon F Bar radiators maximize efficiency straight out of the box, a few adjustments ensure optimal performance:

  • Position Strategically – Placing radiators under windows counters heat loss through glass while allowing curtains to better retain warmth.
  • Use Thermostatic Valves – Regulation prevents overheating and wasted energy once your room reaches the desired temperature.
  • Don’t Block Airflow – Ensure at least 50mm clearance around the radiator so rising heat can circulate freely.
  • Bleed Regularly – Manual venting displaces trapped air inside the radiator which obstructs water flow.

You can make heating upgrades even more affordable by using government environmental subsidies and programs. Qualifying grants like the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) help UK homeowners offset the upfront costs of installing efficient heating solutions.


Are Aeon F Bar radiators available in custom sizes?

Yes! In addition to standardized sizing, we also offer customized configurations within the minimum and maximum dimensions to perfectly suit your space.

Do these modern radiators require professional installation?

Aeon F Bar radiators come with all the necessary brackets and fittings for hassle-free DIY installation. Of course, you can also hire a trade professional to handle it instead.

How do aluminium radiators compare to steel, cast iron and standard panel radiators?

Aluminium transfers heat faster for quicker warmth using less energy. And without rust, leaks or need for refurbishing over time, Aeon bar radiators provide reliable performance with little maintenance required.


With slim space-saving dimensions and rapid heat transfer from durable aluminium construction, Aeon F Bar radiators usher in the next generation of warmth and efficiency. Their flowing minimalist looks discreetly bring any room up-to-date visually while slashing energy consumption. Equip your living spaces with these modern heating essentials for a stylish, comfort-focused future

The F-Bar heats your towels while you bathe. Plenty of room to hang them; plenty of style to frame them beautifully. Built to last with a 20 Year Guarantee

  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Stainless Steel
  • Available in Brushed Matt and Polished Finishes
  • Also available in beautiful Gold, Black, Bronze, Antique Bronze, Copper and Rose Gold physical vapour deposition (PVD) finishes (Please call 01257 452879 for a quotation)
  • A simple and practical space-saving design
  • We recommend pipework is not installed until receipt of radiator
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery on all models except Brushed Matt
  • Available in Central Heating, Electric and Dual Fuel Options

To convert this radiator to dual fuel, you will need to purchase a Dual Fuel Conversion Kit.  To convert this radiator to fully electric, you will need to purchase an Electric Only Conversion Kit

Don't forget your valves and accessories

Your new designer radiator will need valves. They will allow you to control the heat of your new radiator with ease. Not sure what valves you need? Use our valve guide to help you decide. Need sleeving kits? Sleeving kits are tubes made of brass that cover your radiator pipes and can really complete the luxury look.

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