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A radiator as iconic as the woman herself, the Aeon Madonna is the perfect piece for music and non-music lovers alike!

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Divine Designs – Aeon’s Madonna Range Of Designer Radiators

Seeking a radiator merging superior warmth with sculptural style to elevate your interior decors?

Look towards the heavens with Aeon’s aptly named Madonna designer radiators, a divine range crafted by Italian artisans fusing artistic originality, quality craftsmanship and heating innovation.

Available exclusively in the UK via European heating specialists Aeon, this heavenly range not only warms interiors but acts as a spectacular focal feature guaranteed to uplift any setting.

Who Are Aeon?

Launched in 1996, Aeon are an Italian company dedicated to creating top tier designer radiators distinguished by artistic sensibilities alongside heating engineering excellence thanks to partnerships with leading manufacturers.

Blending form with thermal functionality in elegant asymmetry, Aeon’s extensive Madonna collection sets heavenly new standards for heating hardware suited to modern sanctuaries.

What Makes Aeon’s Madonna Range Divine?

Artistic Flair

Inspired by Renaissance visions of the Madonna, each model features exquisitely forged details from delicate floral flourishes to gracefully curving silhouette guaranteed to attract admiration whether switched on or off.

Available as vertical or horizontal formats in a choice of tasteful colours, the Madonna range provides effectively bespoke solutions blending harmoniously into scheme.

Heavenly Heat Efficiency

Despite delicate dimensions, Aeon ensure the Madonna delivers seriously substantial warmth rated at market leading energy efficiency thanks innovative internals like:

  • Premium grade steel construction with moulded channels optimizing hot water flow
  • Large surface areas with enhanced convector fins rapidly distributing heat
  • Inbuilt smart thermostatic controls self-regulate optimal temperature balance

So you can achieve spiritual levels of heat and cost savings through the Madonna’s clever integrated technology.

Quality Craftsmanship

Hand finished by skilled Italian craftsmen utilizing traditional metal shaping techniques, each Madonna Radiator features exquisite detailing promising flawless form.

With durable polyester enamel powder coatings resisting scratches and wear plus tear, Aeon guarantees heavenly good looks plus smooth silent operation for eternity.

UK Heating Grants

Converting to the Madonna’s money saving heating efficiency still carries initial investment making upgrades seem beyond reach. Luckily the UK Government aims to help households finance green energy improvements through schemes like:

Boiler Upgrade Grant – Providing £5000 towards new boiler/heating systems incorporating designer radiators like Madonna models qualifying as low carbon.

Renewable Heat Incentive – Cashback incentives paying back installation costs of efficient heat systems like Aeon’s Madonna over 7 years funded by UK Treasury.

Speaking to accredited installers gives impartial advice on available grants, offers and eligibility to make divine heating heavenly affordable!


What maintenance does the Madonna range require?

Little required beyond occasionally dusting the sculptural casing to maintain visual glory. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

What is the highest heat output available from the Madonna range?

Up to enormous 3,196 BTU outputs, tailoring heavenly warmth for vast Cathedral spaces through to intimate chapels!

Do Aeon Madonna models qualify for UK heating grants?

Yes, meeting stringent energy efficiency criteria, the Madonna range qualifies for incentives like the Renewable Heat Incentive.

What warranty comes with Madonna designer Radiators?

Aeon offers up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranty when fitted by accredited Radiator installers.


  • Blending Baroque beauty with substantial warmth, the eye catching Madonna reimagines heating hardware as an uplifting design centre piece.
  • Quality Italian craftsmanship paired with clever heating innovation like rapid heat chambers self-regulate optimal efficiency balance.
  • With heavenly good aesthetics plus ethically conscious enviro credentials, Aeon’s divine Madonna range creates modern sanctuaries filled with feel good factor!

For warming grace certain to lift spirits whatever the weather, discover your perfect Madonna revelation today via Aeon’s heating specialists.

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