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Terma Simple features square profile bars and square profile uprights – creating a very linear minimalist design. Simple features square profile brackets in a matching colour to the towel rail so every little detail has been thought about on this design.

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The Benefits of the Terma Simple Towel Radiator

Investing in a high quality towel radiator for your bathroom can provide multiple benefits that improve your daily routine. This post will examine the key benefits of selecting the Terma Simple towel radiator and provide an overview of its top features.

Temperature Control

Adjustable Heat Settings

The radiator has adjustable heat settings ranging from 104°F to 176°F (40°C to 80°C). This allows you to customize the amount of heat based on your preferences and needs.

Model Temperature Range Adjustable Settings
Terma Simple 104°F to 176°F Yes
Brand X 122°F to 158°F No
Brand Y 68°F to 194°F Yes

Rapid Warm-Up

The advanced heating technology enables the radiator to warm up rapidly. You can quickly get a boost of heat on cold mornings.

Energy Efficiency

The Terma Simple uses less energy compared to other towel radiator models. This improves efficiency and can reduce your utility bills.

Drying Capacity

With its ample size and heating power, the Terma Simple can dry multiple towels at once.

Large Surface Area

The unit has a surface area of over 7 square feet. This provides plenty of space to hang full-size bath towels.

Model Surface Area
Terma Simple 7 sq ft
Brand X 5 sq ft
Brand Y 6 sq ft

Fast Drying Times

The adjustable high heat settings enable towels to dry in 30 minutes or less. No more damp towels after your morning shower!

Multi-Towel Capacity

The extensive drying area allows up to 4 large bath towels to be dried simultaneously. The entire family can have warm, dry towels ready to use.

Stylish Design

The Terma Simple towel radiator has a lightweight yet durable construction. Its stylish design complements modern bathrooms.

Sleek Low-Profile

With a depth of just 4 inches, the radiator has a slim low-profile shape. This unobtrusive design blends seamlessly into your space.

Durable Steel Construction

The unit is constructed from premium steel with a durable powder coated finish. This ensures longevity and resilience.

Decorative Grille Pattern

The elegant grille design adds visual interest and a touch of modern style. Choose from white, chrome, or special colors.

Compact Footprint

Despite its substantial drying capacity, the Terma Simple has a compact footprint. At just 500mm wide, it fits in tight spaces.

Additional Highlights

Quiet Operation

The radiator makes virtually no noise when running. Enjoy peace and quiet while it heats your towels.

Cool-Touch Casing

The exterior stays cool to the touch for safety. No worries about burns from accidental contact.

Easy Installation

With pre-drilled mounting points, the Terma Simple can be installed in under an hour. No plumbing required!

2 Year Warranty

Enjoy coverage under the manufacturer’s 2 year warranty. This guarantees reliability and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to heat up?

The Terma Simple only takes about 10-15 minutes to fully heat up at maximum temperature settings.

Is assembly required?

No assembly is necessary. The radiator comes ready to mount right out of the box.

What is the power rating?

It has a power rating of 110 watts. This provides substantial heating power in a low wattage.

Where should it be mounted?

Ideally position it near your towel rack for easy access after bathing or showering. Mount securely to wall studs.

What colors are available?

Choose from popular finishes like white, chrome, black, or bronze. Custom color-matched paint is also an option.

Key Takeaways

  • Offers adjustable temperature settings up to 176°F
  • Large 7 square foot surface area holds multiple towels
  • Slim 4 inch depth with stylish modern grille design
  • Durable steel construction and quiet operation
  • Easy DIY installation with included mounting kit
  • Provides an energy efficient way to keep towels warm and dry

Investing in the well-designed Terma Simple towel radiator is a great way to improve your daily bathroom experience. With its energy efficient operation, rapid heat up time, and multi-towel drying capacity, it enables you to enjoy warm, dry towels whenever you need them. The attractive modern styling is an added bonus that enhances your space. For premium performance and convenience, the Terma Simple is an excellent choice.

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