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The Bisque Svelte is a super slim, ultra modern designer towel radiator. Constructed in efficient aluminium and in a range of finishes to suit any decor.

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The Modern and Stylish Bisque Svelte Towel Radiator

The Bisque Svelte is a super slim, contemporary designer radiator that adds style and functionality to any space. With its sharp looks and practical chrome towel rail, this versatile radiator provides efficient heating solutions for today’s homes.

Key Features

  • Ultra slim and modern vertical column design
  • Towel warming functionality with built-in chrome rail
  • Available in a range of colours and finishes
  • Aluminium construction for rapid heat up
  • 5 year warranty
  • Compatible with standard central heating systems


This super slim column radiator from Bisque combines elegant contemporary style with practical towel drying capabilities. The minimalist vertical shape takes up little wall space while still providing sufficient heating power. With a range of colour options, the Bisque Svelte complements any décor from modern minimalist to retro chic.

“We love the slim style of this towel radiator. It adds a modern touch to our bathroom without dominating the space.” – James, Bisque Customer

Design and Appearance of Bisque Svelte radiator

With its sleek curved shape and slim profile, the Bisque Svelte radiator delivers an ultra-modern look.

  • Super slim column – At only 86mm wide, its slim vertical design suits spaces short on wall space.
  • Curved shape – The gently curved column and edges soften the minimalist style.
  • Variety of finishes – Available in popular colours like black, white and silver or choose from a wide range of RAL colour options.
  • Practical towel rail – The integrated chrome towel rail handles drying needs.

The sharp yet subtle styling of the Bisque Svelte radiator adds an elegant designer touch to your space. The slender column takes up minimal visual space while still providing sufficient heating power.

Efficient and Responsive Heating

Despite its slim shape, the Bisque Svelte can heat medium to large rooms thanks to its aluminium construction and convection design.

  • Rapid heat up – The aluminium heating core quickly reaches operating temperature.
  • Convectors heat – The vertical shape circulates warm air efficiently around a room.
  • Compact yet powerful – Provides up to 1,859 BTU heat output from a slim 86mm wide column.
  • Range of sizes – Available in heights from 400mm to 2,000mm to suit your heating needs.

” This slim radiator provides ample warmth for our master bathroom. We’re so impressed how quickly it heats up the space. “

With its tall vertical shape and aluminium core, the Svelte rapidly warms rooms through efficient convection heating.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Bisque Svelte integrates seamlessly into any central heating system and requires minimal maintenance to keep looking pristine.

  • Fits standard heating systems – Compatible with any hydronic or electric central heating setup.
  • Compact valve set included – Comes with compact manual valves for easy control.
  • Upgrade options – Thermostatic valves available for precise temperature control.
  • Minimal maintenance – Needs only occasional wiping down with a soft damp cloth.

Wall mounting the lightweight Svelte is a simple DIY project. All supporting fixings and easy-to-follow instructions are included to get it installed and warming your home quickly.

Quality Construction and Peace of Mind

Constructed from durable aluminium and backed by a 5 year warranty, the Bisque Svelte provides long-lasting performance you can rely on.

  • Aluminium core – Allows for rapid heating and heat retention.
  • High quality finishes – Long-lasting powder coated colours or chrome finishes.
  • 5 year warranty – Reassurance that your radiator is built to last.
  • Precision engineering – Manufactured to exacting British quality standards.

With Bisque’s reputation for creating luxury heating solutions, the Svelte Bisque Radiator benefits from years of heating expertise and quality manufacturing.

Radiator Specifications

Type Designer Towel Radiator
Style Svelte Vertical Column
Material Aluminium Core
Finishes Range of Colour Options
Power Central Heating
Warranty 5 Years

Pros and Cons of Bisque radiator Svelte


  • Ultra slim and modern vertical design
  • Rapid heat up from aluminium core
  • Integrated towel rail adds functionality
  • Wide range of colours and finishes
  • 5 year peace of mind warranty


  • Manual valves only, no thermostatic option
  • Limited sizes may not suit all spaces
  • Wall mounting requires professional installation
  • Higher price than basic towel radiators


How do I clean and care for this radiator?

Use a soft dry or damp cloth to wipe clean. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Use aluminium polish to maintain the shine of chrome models.

What thermal output does the Svelte provide?

The heat output ranges from 513 to 1859 BTUs depending on the height. This can heat approximately 9 to 32 square meters.

Does this radiator come in Anthracite or Matte Black?

Yes, Anthracite and Matte Black are two of the many colour options available for the Svelte radiator. Bisque offers a wide range of RAL colour choices.

Can I mount this on both bracket supports and wall feet?

No, the Bisque Svelte is designed for wall mounting only using the provided wall brackets. It does not come with compatible floor mounted feet.

What is the depth of this radiator?

The Svelte radiator has an ultra-slim depth of only 86mm. This allows it to hug walls and take up very little space.

An Elegant Slimline Heating Solution

With its super slim and stylishly modern design, the Bisque Svelte towel radiator provides an elegant contemporary aesthetic alongside efficient central heating. The sharp minimalist looks and extensive colour options allow this designer radiator to complement any décor and deliver a designer touch to bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces. Constructed from durable aluminium and offering rapid warm ups, the Svelte provides a premium heating solution in a remarkably slim profile.

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