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The DRS Rosa TRV Corner Valve Set is a neat thermostatic radiator valve giving you control over your room’s temperature, ideal for any designer radiator.

These valves are best suited for radiators with connections on the side or underneath, connecting to pipework which comes out from the wall.

Are These Valves Suitable For Your Radiator?

Make sure these valves will work with your radiator. Use our handy valve guide to double check.


Finding the Right CONER TRV  Thermostatic Radiator Valves for Your Heating

Having control over your home heating is key to comfort and efficiency. A quality set of thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) allow you to regulate room temperature precisely while saving on energy costs. But with so many TRV options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your radiator system?

In this guide, we’ll cover the benefits of TRVs, important features to look for, and provide an in-depth look at one popular model – the DRS Rosa TRV Corner Valve Set.

Why Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves?

Thermostatic radiator valves offer a range of advantages over old-fashioned manual radiator valves:

  • Precise temperature control – Set a desired temp and the TRV will regulate flow to maintain it.
  • Save on energy bills – Only heat rooms to needed temps and reduce energy waste.
  • Prevent overheating – TRVs prevent rooms from becoming uncomfortably hot.
  • Easy to adjust – Just turn the thermostat head to set your ideal temperature.
  • Versatile – Use on multiple radiator types and heating systems.
  • Reliable – Provide consistent control over long periods untouched.

For comfort and optimal heating efficiency, TRVs are a smart upgrade over basic manual valves.

Choosing the Right TRV: Key Features

When selecting a set of TRVs, there are a few key features to keep in mind:

  • Compatibility – Ensure the TRV fits your radiator connections and heating system.
  • Precision – Look for accurate temperature regulation within +/- 0.5°C.
  • Ease of use – Opting for a simple adjustment dial for setting temperatures.
  • Appearance – Choose a head design that matches your interior decors.
  • Durability – Metal construction and protective finishes improve longevity.
  • Guarantees – Models with long warranties offer peace of mind.

High quality TRVs that check these boxes will provide the functionality and longevity you need.

The DRS Rosa TRV Corner Valve Set is a premium thermostatic valve set designed specifically for use in radiator corners. This TRV set combines precision temperature control with an elegant, neutral design.

Ideal for use on radiators with side or bottom connections, this corner-ready TRV set includes the following components:

  • Wheel-head corner thermostatic valve
  • Lockshield corner balancing valve
  • Pair of adjustable angle couplers
  • Valve bodies and fittings
  • 6 year manufacturer’s warranty

Constructed from durable chrome-plated brass, the DRS Rosa has the looks and build to last. Let’s look at some of the key benefits this model offers.

Precise and Reliable Temperature Control

The DRS Rosa’s wheel-head thermostatic valve provides accurate and consistent room temperature control.

  • Regulates within +/- 0.5°C of setpoint.
  • Simply twist head to set desired temp.
  • Click stops for precise half degree adjustments.
  • Locking feature maintains set temperature.

The thermostatic sensor inside the valve head responds to room air temperature. If the room dips below the set temp, the TRV automatically adjusts flow to quickly heat it back up again. This precision regulation prevents rooms from becoming overheated while still maintaining your ideal temperature.

Stylish and Neutral Design

Beyond functionality, the DRS Rosa also features an elegant decorative design to complement modern interiors.

  • Constructed from durable chrome plated brass.
  • Clean polished chrome finish adds understated style.
  • Contemporary wheel-shaped valve head design.
  • Sleek minimalist look integrates discreetly into any decors.

The light chrome colouring and subtly styled valve head allow this TRV model to blend seamlessly into bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more. The refined neutral look lets your room’s decors take centre stage.

Reliability Backed by a 6 Year Warranty

As a testament to their trusted quality, the DRS Rosa TRVs come with an industry-leading 6 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The lengthy 6 year warranty provides assurance that your valve set is built to last. Constructed by DRS using top grade materials and protective chrome finishes, this valve set will maintain functionality and appearance for years to come.

Designed for Corner Installations

The DRS Rosa TRV is designed specifically to provide thermostatic control for radiators installed in room corners.

  • 90° Corner thermostat head.
  • Corner lockshield balancing valve.
  • Pair of adjustable elbow couplers.

This makes connecting the valves to bottom or side radiator pipes simple and neat in corner locations. No more wrestling to mount awkward straight TRVs on corner radiators!

The Rosa’s corner-optimized design allows you to enjoy precision temperature control even for troublesome corner radiator installations.

Easy and Secure Installation

For quick DIY installation, the DRS Rosa ships with everything needed including adjustable couplers and compression nuts.

  • Adjustable couplers slide to fit pipework.
  • Joints sealed securely with fibre washers.
  • Compression nuts for leak-free connections.
  • Can be installed on flow or return.
  • Instructions included for trouble-free setup.

The adjustable elbows and compression fittings allow the valves to be oriented and secured neatly for a tight corner installation.


How do I adjust the target temperature?

Simply rotate the chrome wheel head and align the small arrow with your desired temperature marked on the wheel.

Where should the thermostatic valve be installed?

Ideally install it on the flow pipe, but installation on the return pipe is also compatible.

What heat sources are these TRVs compatible with?

They are compatible with most wet central heating systems including gas boilers and electric boilers.

Can these valves be used horizontally?

The thermostatic wheel head on the Rosa TRV is designed for vertical installation only.

What is the maximum operating pressure?

The valves are pressure tested for use on systems up to 10 bar maximum operating pressure.

Achieve Optimal Heating with DRS Rosa TRV Valves

The DRS Rosa TRV Corner Valve Set delivers premium performance, reliability, and design. Engineered for precision temperature control and corner radiator compatibility, these thermostatic valves eliminate overheating and wasted energy. With a durable brass build and 6 year warranty, the Rosa TRV set provides long-lasting operation you can count on.

For optimal heating efficiency and comfort, the DRS Rosa makes an excellent choice to regulate virtually any radiator. Give your rooms perfect personalized heating this winter with a set of these high quality corner thermostatic valves.

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