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The Jango is another exciting and innovative new edition to the DQ range. The elegant contours of this towel rail give it a unique style.

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Jango Towel Rail by DQ – Affordable Luxury Heating

The Jango is an exciting and innovative new addition to the DQ range of towel rails. With its elegant curved design and high quality construction, this towel rail provides a unique look for bathrooms and laundry areas.

Contemporary Style

The beautiful contours of the Jango give it a contemporary style that stands out from similar towel rails on the market. The curved rails and oval design create a soft, subtle aesthetic that is both stylish and functional. This makes it the perfect accent piece to complement modern bathroom decors.

Durable Stainless Steel Build

At the core of the Jango’s quality is its durable stainless steel build. Constructed from premium grade stainless steel, this towel rail is made to last. The robust material resists corrosion, rust and tarnishing even when subjected to moisture.

The stainless steel construction also makes this an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial settings, providing years of reliable use.

Efficient Heating Performance

But the Jango isn’t just a pretty face – it also provides excellent heating functionality. The ample heating surface area quickly warms towels and rooms, while the open design allows heat to radiate efficiently.

Central Heating Compatible

The Jango towel rail is designed solely for central heating compatibility. By connecting to your existing central heating system, hot water can circulate through the rail to provide targeted heat in your bathroom or laundry space.

This makes operation convenient, without the need for separate electric controls. Simply control heating through your central heating controls.

Range of Sizes

To suit different space requirements, the Jango comes in a wide range of sizes from 400mm right up to 2000mm lengths. The curved rails are also available in different depths, from ultra slim 100mm up to a deeper 200mm.

So whether your space is large or small, you can find a Jango towel rail to fit perfectly.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing the Jango in your bathroom or laundry is simple. With wall brackets included, the rails can be securely fixed to walls and connected to central heating systems in no time.

Detailed instructions provide guidance for a smooth hassle-free installation process.

Built to Last

Backed by an exceptional 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee, the Jango towel rail is built to perform for years to come. The durable stainless steel material will remain corrosion and tarnish-free, while the high quality make provides reliable heating day after day.

Affordable Luxury

Despite its premium construction, the Jango remains surprisingly affordable. This makes enjoying the luxury, comfort and convenience of heated towel rails possible without breaking the bank.

Stock Available for Next Day Delivery

For extra convenience, the full range of Jango towel rails are readily available. This means orders of in-stock items can benefit from next day delivery, getting your new towel rail swiftly installed and working its magic.

So don’t settle for less – the Jango towel rail combines contemporary style, quality materials and efficient heating at a price that makes luxury affordable.

Jango Towel Rail Models

Type Dimensions
Jango Ultra Slim Available in lengths 400mm – 2000mm, depth just 100mm
Jango Slim Available in lengths 400mm – 2000mm, depth 150mm
Jango Standard Available in lengths 400mm – 2000mm, depth 200mm

Jango vs Other Towel Rails

Brand Price Material Warranty
Jango £ Stainless Steel 25 years
Brand A £ Mild Steel 10 years
Brand B £ Aluminium 5 years


What heating types can I use?

The Jango is designed for central heating systems only. It is not electric or dual fuel compatible.

What finish options are available?

The Jango has a beautiful brushed stainless steel finish. Custom powder coated color finishes are not available.

What is the maximum heating temperature?

The stainless steel construction allows hot water up to 85°C to be used for maximum heating output.

Where can the Jango be installed?

The Jango is suitable for bathrooms, laundries, changing rooms and more. Avoid installing in high humidity areas.

Do I need professional installation?

The Jango can be installed DIY if you are competent. Otherwise, a heating engineer is recommended for full central heating configuration.

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