Zehnder DE Dual Fuel Element & T-Piece


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The Zehnder DE Dual Fuel Element and T-Piece brings the simplicity & versatility of dual fuel heating to your compatible Zehnder designer radiator.


  • Simple, discreet design for minimal impact on the look of your radiator.
  • Chrome Plated T-Piece Element for a contemporary finish.
  • Choice of fixed heat outputs.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

Zehnder’s range of electric radiators, with their factory-fitted electric elements, give economical and efficient heating wherever required. The Zehnder DE Dual Fuel Element and T-Piece brings the simplicity & versatility of dual fuel heating to your compatible Zehnder designer radiator. With a simple fixed output there is nothing to think about except popping it on when needed.

This Element & T-Piece adds a whole new dimension to the functionality of your designer radiator enabling you to use it during periods where you would rather not run your entire central heating system.  This is perfect for warm towels in the summer months or if your bathroom requires heating all year round regardless of the weather! Experience the luxury of warm fluffy towels all year round with a Zehnder Dual Fuel Element & T Piece.

How does it work?

A dual fuel radiator is connected to both your central heating system and your electrics with the addition of the heating element and a T-piece. This means that your radiator or towel rail can either be powered by your central heating system or electrically via your heating element. The electrical element (immersion heater) is installed on the return side of the radiator. This magic wand look-a-like is what heats your radiator via electricity. This piece has a cable on one end, which will be wired in by your trusted electrician. The T Piece is the sleek, chrome finished metal covering which will be fitted over the element and extrude from the bottom of your radiator.

What is the benefit of a Dual Fuel Radiator?

We all know that temperatures can be erratic throughout the summer, and indeed all year round, so being able to heat a singular room without having to switch your central heating on and over-warming the rest of the house is a great benefit of a Dual Fuel radiator. Even in the warmest of summer days, stepping out of a shower or bath onto a cold floor would make you shiver. Eliminate this feeling with a warm fluffy towel, heated by your dual fuel radiator.

How do I know which Element to buy?

You will need to match the wattage of the element to the Zehnder Radiator you have purchased. If you do not know the wattage of your new Zehnder radiator and only know the BTU output, simply divide the BTU output by 3.41 to calculate the output in Watts.

A general rule to determine the size of element appropriate for a given radiator is to find out the heat output for it in Watts, and then divide that by 1.81. Take the resulting answer and round up to the nearest element size in the element range that you would like to purchase.

Once you have worked out the wattage of the radiator or towel rail, select the element that matches this the closest. The heating element you select should be no more than 10% higher than the output of the towel rail to avoid overheating.

How do I switch from central heating to electric?

For summer use:

Switch off the central heating. Vent the radiator to ensure there isn’t any air present. Close the flow valve. Activate the immersion heater as required.

For winter use:

De-activate the immersion heater. Open the flow valve.

Ensure you do not use the electrical element and central heating simultaneously as this will shorten the life of the element and invalidate the warranty.

We are happy to advise you which element is suitably rated to accompany your dual-fuel compatible Zehnder radiator, e-mail or call us today!

Please note that your radiator will require configuring for use with the electric element and it is not intended for both the conventional central heating and electric heating element to be used simultaneously.  This is a simple procedure that entails shutting off the flow valve from the central heating system to the radiator and ensuring the radiator is bled of any air before activating the electric element.  We are more than happy to answer questions you may have regarding this procedure so please don’t hesitate to contacts us.


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