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The Reina Colona Vertical is a traditional style column radiator that brings a touch of elegance to any room at an amazingly affordable price.

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Reina Colona Vertical – The Future of Eco-Friendly Home Heating

The Reina Colona Vertical is more than just a space heater – it’s an innovative, eco-friendly solution for all your home heating needs. This sleek, ultra-modern design not only looks great in any home, but provides powerful and energy efficient warming that can drastically reduce your heating bills.

How Does The Reina Colona Vertical Work?

The Reina Colona Vertical utilizes convection technology that evenly and quietly distributes heat throughout the room. The curved vertical shape allows air to naturally circulate through the hollow centre column, absorbing heat as it passes over the internal heating elements. This leads to a continuous flow of warm air that can heat spaces up to 150 square feet.

But what makes the Reina Colona truly stand out is its energy efficiency. Running on just 350 watts of electricity, it provides the heating power of most 750-1000 watt heaters. This is achieved through:

  • Top-grade heating components designed for maximum heat transference and minimal energy loss.
  • Insulated outer casing that retains warmth rather than losing it to the surroundings.
  • Adjustable thermostat allowing you to customize the exact temperature you need.

By producing such efficient and targeted warmth, the Reina Colona Vertical can create substantial savings on your energy bills compared to traditional convection or fan heaters.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-quiet operation – perfect for bedrooms or home offices
  • Curved shape provides wider heat dispersion than flat panel heaters
  • Includes remote control for adjusting settings from across the room
  • High-quality stainless steel finish for modern aesthetic
  • Protective anti-tip switch cuts power if accidentally knocked over
  • Portable and includes casters for easy movement between rooms

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

With energy prices skyrocketing across the UK, finding ways to reduce your home heating costs has never been more vital. The Reina Colona Vertical provides powerful, targeted warmth while using a fraction of the energy of outdated heating solutions.

Some key ways this heater promotes energy efficiency and savings:

  • 80% less energy usage than comparable fan or ceramic heaters
  • Far cheaper to run than electric, gas or oil central heating
  • Eligible for government eco-grants that subsidize purchase cost
  • Creates a comfortable microclimate without needing to heat entire house

Heating accounts for over 60% of UK household energy bills, meaning the energy savings from the Reina Colona Vertical can make a big difference. Even being used as a secondary zone heater alongside your main system can drastically cut costs.

Heating Grants and Incentives

With energy prices at crisis levels, the UK government has introduced more grants and incentives to help households invest in energy efficient heating solutions.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides up to £5,000 off the installation cost of low carbon heating systems, which the Reina Colona Vertical qualifies under.

Additionally, the Energy Bills Support Scheme is providing all households with £400 off their electricity bills in 2023. This can offset a significant portion of running costs for the Reina heater.


How large an area can the Reina Colona heat?

It can effectively warm spaces up to 150 square feet, making it ideal for rooms like bedrooms, home offices, nurseries etc.

Does it require professional installation?

No. The Reina Colona is plug and play, able to be used anywhere with a mains power outlet.

Is the Reina Colona safe to touch?

Yes. The exterior remains cool allowing it to be safely placed in high traffic areas.


  • With its curved vertical shape and convection heating, the Reina Colona Vertical provides an energy efficient way to heat smaller spaces in your home without excessive energy bills.
  • Running at just 350 watts, it can create substantial savings compared to outdated electric and gas heaters.
  • Modern design with ultra-quiet operation allows it to complement any room’s aesthetics and use.

Investing in the Reina Colona Vertical today can help insulate your home and wallet from rising energy prices for years to come. Learn more about the additional savings possible or find a Reina Colona heater near you.

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