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The Reina Kale Towel Rail features quartets of slim and sleek bars, perfect for warming multiple towels at once, ideal for busy bathrooms.

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Elevate Your Bathroom with the Reina Kale Towel Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of bathroom accessories, towel rails stand as unsung heroes, silently ensuring our towels are warm, dry, and ready for use. Among the many towel rail options available, the Reina Kale Towel Rail emerges as a frontrunner, offering a blend of style, functionality, and durability that elevates the bathroom experience.

A Fusion of Style and Functionality

Reina Kale Towel Rail

Reina Kale Towel Rail

The Reina Kale Towel Rail exudes elegance with its sleek, minimalist design. Its vertical orientation, featuring quartets of slim and sophisticated bars, seamlessly complements a variety of bathroom styles, from contemporary to traditional. The rail’s Anthracite finish, a deep charcoal grey, adds a touch of sophistication and seamlessly blends with various colour palettes.

Crafted for Long-Lasting Performance

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Reina Kale Towel Rail is built to last. Constructed from robust mild steel, the rail boasts exceptional durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use. The mild steel construction also contributes to the rail’s impressive heat retention capacity, effectively warming your towels even in the chilliest of bathrooms.

Maximize Towel Drying Space

The Reina Kale Towel Rail’s generous dimensions, measuring 1436mm in height and 500mm in width, provide ample space for hanging multiple towels. The rail’s vertical orientation further enhances its drying capacity, allowing for efficient airflow around each towel.

Versatility for Various Installations

The Reina Kale Towel Rail’s adaptability extends to its installation options. It can be conveniently connected to central heating systems, dual fuel systems, or electric-only applications, catering to a wide range of bathroom setups.

Harnessing Energy Efficiency

In today’s eco-conscious world, energy efficiency is a paramount concern. The Reina Kale Towel Rail is designed with energy conservation in mind. Its optimal heat output ensures that your towels are effectively warmed without expending excessive energy. Additionally, the rail’s compatibility with thermostatic valves allows for precise temperature control, further optimizing energy usage.

Unlocking Heating Grants and Energy Savings

As energy costs continue to rise, homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption and associated expenses. Heating grants, offered by government initiatives, provide financial assistance to homeowners for installing energy-efficient heating measures. The Reina Kale Towel Rail’s energy efficiency makes it an eligible candidate for these grants, potentially alleviating some of the financial burden associated with towel rail installation.

Energy Savings Tips for a Sustainable Bathroom

Beyond the inherent energy efficiency of the Reina Kale Towel Rail, homeowners can adopt additional practices to further reduce their energy consumption in the bathroom:

  • Optimize Shower Usage: Limit shower time to 5 minutes or less to conserve hot water and reduce energy usage.

  • Switch to LED Lighting: Replace traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs, which consume significantly less power.

  • Utilize Natural Light: Maximize natural light by opening windows whenever possible, reducing reliance on artificial lighting.

  • Insulate Pipes: Insulate hot water pipes to minimize heat loss and conserve energy.

By embracing these energy-saving practices, homeowners can not only reduce their environmental impact but also lower their energy bills, contributing to long-term savings.

Reina Kale Towel Rail: A Standout Choice

In conclusion, the Reina Kale Towel Rail stands out as an exceptional choice for homeowners seeking a towel rail that blends style, functionality, and energy efficiency. Its sleek design, durable construction, ample drying space, and versatile installation options make it an ideal addition to any bathroom. Furthermore, its energy-efficient operation and compatibility with heating grants further enhance its value proposition. With its numerous advantages, the Reina Kale Towel Rail is poised to elevate the bathroom experience for discerning homeowners.


The Reina Kale Towel Rail features quartets of slim and sleek bars, perfect for warming multiple towels at once, ideal for busy bathrooms.

  • Steel
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • 1-2 Working Day Delivery
  • Suitable Central Heating, Dual Fuel and Electric Only applications.

To convert this radiator to dual fuel, you will need to purchase a Dual Fuel Conversion Kit.  To convert this radiator to fully electric, you will need to purchase an Electric Only Conversion Kit

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