Terma Warp S Towel Radiator

Warp S is a free floating, open edge towel rail, which returns back on itself, in stand out colours very visible against your wall due to its large bars, with their high heat output.



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Terma has invested in pipe bending technology which allows it to produce heated towel rails such as the Warp S. Warp S is designed with large flat bars which sweep forward and then bend backwards on themselves to create a towel rail which is only mounted to the wall on one side, leaving the other side open and free for easily hanging towels on.

Warp S can be mounted either way up as it has symmerical bars top and bottom, so the horizontal bars can reach out to the left or right hand side as you prefer. Think about where the towel rail will be placed in your bathroom in relation to the walls and which side of the towel rail provides easier access. Warp S has a very free floating effect as there are minimal brackets on show and it is free from obstruction for hanging the towels.

Warp S has a large surface area in comparison to lots of standard ladder type rails – this means you get a higher heat output and additionally the colour stands out a lot more as a feature in the bathroom, on this basis Terma offer the Warp models in a range of very eye catching colours.

Warp S can also be fitted as dual fuel – whereby it can run on the central heating in the winter and as electric in the summer. You simply need a Terma heating element and the Terma Integrated Valve with Immersion Tube (no T piece required with this valve) to easily install as dual fuel (1110h = 800w, 655h = 400w element)

The Orange RAL 2003 colour has a matt, smooth textured finish and is stand out feature colour to brighten up a bathroom. Terma offers a 150x50mm colour chip of this finish should you wish to see the colour prior to purchase. Warp S features 50mm pipe connections so we suggest matching this with a 50mm H block valve which will provide a neat finish.

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