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Vogue Regency displays a touch of class…This traditional towel warmer radiator will not only provide a high heat output and elegant towel hanging space but will add an element of luxury to any bathroom or wet room. Why compromise on style when you can choose both function and flare?

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The Regency with its classic column radiator and polished chrome drying bar will add style and class to any room.

  • Comes with choice of legacy or originals ball joint and manufactured in brass or mild steel
  • Brass or mild steel pipe
  • Electric element 200-400 watts
  • Mild Steel
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Please allow 3-5 Working Days Delivery for stocked items
  • Available in Central Heating, Dual Fuel and Electric options

To convert this radiator to dual fuel, you will need to purchase a Dual Fuel Conversion Kit.  To convert this radiator to fully electric, you will need to purchase an Electric Only Conversion Kit

One brand stands out amongst even our extensive range when it comes to luxury, traditional towel radiators; Vogue. For years Vogue has manufactured an impressive range of designer radiators ranging from state of the art, modern designs, to both classic radiators for your normal living spaces as well as a wide range of high quality mid-high-end traditional towel rails.

Today’s DRS Review takes a closer look at one of these rails named the Vogue Regency, a broad towel radiator with impressive character.


  • Features a Chrome-finished outer frame, surrounding an inner steel-multicolumn radiator for high heat outputs
  • Two manufacturing options are available as the Regency can be made from either Steel or Brass
  • The Steel version comes with a huge 15 years manufacturer’s guarantee (3 times the normal 5 year average), while Brass version boasts an enormous 30 year guarantee
  • The design’s central body and over-hanging rail is handy for small and large towels, and the heat provided by the Regency will ensure you always have soft, warm towels to dry yourself off with
  • Available in both a floor-mounted and wall-mounted
  • The Regency is quite large, standing just shy of a metre tall in the floor-mounted version, and at 825mm for the wall mounted version, and both are sizably deep away from the wall, so ample space is needed to comfortably fit this radiator


The Regency both in name and in its demeanour gives you a sense of grandeur and stateliness, bringing the pride of royalty into your en-suite or master bathroom. The floor mounted version is available in both steel and brass variants, while the wall mounted version is available only in brass.

The steel version is fantastic value for money, and when you compare price vs quality, the Steel Regency wins on both counts, and this is reassuringly backed up by the much longer than average 15 year guarantee. The Brass version does push the price up considerably, but the guarantee doubles to 30 years and with it so does the build quality, making it suitable for almost any heating system requirements. Both the steel and brass versions are finished in high quality chrome which brightly gleams, making the Regency look exceptionally stunning.



The floor-mounted version of the Regency is available in either 965mm high (in the steel version) with 3 widths of 540mm/673mm/765mm, or at 938mm high (in the brass version), with widths of 500mm/675mm/735mm

The wall mounted version is available in brass only at 825mm tall, and with widths of 500mm/675mm/735mm.

Both of the brass versions are available with either Vogue’s standard ‘Legacy’ ball joints which feature softly rounded joints for a soft, neat appearance, or alternatively their ‘Originals’ ball joints, for slightly more ornate look at each of the Regency’s six connection points.

On top of these options, the Regency is also available as an electric model, bespoke made. By altering one of the side ball joints Vogue are able to install an electric element to increase the flexibility of the Regency tremendously.


Installing the Vogue Regency is a superb way to increase the luxury of your bathroom without needing to plum for extravagant designs. The stately quality of the Regency will be the focal point of your bathroom, and a brilliantly functional one at that.

The Regency’s large design has ample space for all sizes of towels and clothes, and provides enough warmth to either dry them quickly or warm them thoroughly in time for when you need them. Beyond appearance this is the most important aspect for a towel rail, and the quality of the Regency’s steel construction.

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