Zehnder Kleo Horizontal Radiators: Modern & Efficient (Double Panel)

Available in 3 different sizes and 2 different finishes or in any RAL colour.

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Zehnder Kleo Horizontal (Double Panel) is an elegant and modern steel designer radiator, with horizontal and vertical size options and double panel mode. Available in a stunning range of bespoke colours from Zehnder, we also love the unique look of the open and transparent pipes.

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The Modern Style and Efficiency of Zehnder Kleo Horizontal Radiators

The Zehnder Kleo Horizontal radiator range delivers contemporary elegance combined with high heat output for large spaces like lounges and hallways.

With its horizontal tubed design and variety of finishes, Kleo Horizontal brings modern flair while keeping your home comfortably warm.

Contemporary Aesthetic

The horizontally oriented tubes of the Kleo Horizontal create a refined, modern look perfect for contemporary interiors.

The radiator’s minimalist styling acts as a sleek design feature that doesn’t dominate the room. Kleo Horizontal adds understated elegance to any living space.

Range of Colour Options

Kleo Horizontal comes in a choice of attractive color finishes like gloss black, matte anthracite, polished chrome, and matte white.

Complement your decors by selecting a finish that matches your interior colour scheme. The varied options allow Kleo Horizontal to blend in or stand out.

Versatile Mounting Options

The radiators can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit different layouts. Floor mounting, wall mounting, and recessing are all possible.

Kleo Horizontal’s flexible mounting options let you position it to maximize heat distribution and aesthetic appeal in your lounge or hallway.

Substantial Heat Output

Despite its slim and subtle styling, Kleo Horizontal delivers serious heating power. Its horizontal tubes provide an expansive surface area for transferring heat into the room.

The high output rapidly brings large spaces up to temperature. Kleo Horizontal provides cosy warmth you can feel in lounges, hallways, and open concept areas.

Quiet and Draft-Free warmth

Kleo Horizontal radiators operate almost silently without hisses or clanks thanks to their enclosed central heating system.

You enjoy draft-free warmth that doesn’t dry the air or circulate dust. Kleo Horizontal increases comfort while minimizing noise.

Custom Sizing Available

Kleo Horizontal comes in standard sizes from 500mm up to 2000mm length. For a perfect fit, custom lengths can also be ordered.

Get a radiator tailored to your exact room dimensions for flawless aesthetics and heat distribution.

Easy Installation

Installing Kleo Horizontal is simple with the included mounting brackets and fittings. No special tools are required.

The lightweight design also simplifies mounting. Get professional-looking results as you upgrade your heating.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Zehnder supports Kleo Horizontal with an outstanding limited lifetime warranty. This demonstrates the brand’s confidence in the radiator’s quality and durability.

Kleo Horizontal will provide reliable comfort for years to come without losing its good looks.

Kleo Horizontal Radiator Styles

Model Details
Kleo Horizontal Available in white, anthracite, chrome, and black finishes
Kleo Horizontal Double Panel Double panel models for increased heat output
Kleo Horizontal Curved Gently curved horizontal tubes for added flair

Bring Contemporary Elegance to Your Home

Kleo Horizontal radiators from Zehnder allow you to upgrade your lounge, hallway, or open concept space with modern sophistication and luxurious warmth.

Their diversity of sizes, colours, and mounting options make getting the perfect fit for your home easy.

Bring home the beautiful warmth of Kleo Horizontal today!

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