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Angled Valves

Angled Valves

Angled Valves are the most common style of valves, and at the Designer Radiator Showroom we have a fabulous selection of both thermostatic and manual Angled Valves to pick from, all made from high quality brass for exceptional reassurance. We have lovely traditional models in antique brass or copper, super contemporary versions in deep black nickel or even a softer satin nickel, and everything between in both radical and standard designs.

Angled Valves are best used when you have a radiator with connections on the side at the bottom (referred to as ‘BOE’ connections) and your pipe work is coming up from beneath, usually out from the floor. By using Angled Valves in this circumstance you keep the head of the valve pointing up towards the ceiling and tucked neatly away by the side of the radiator, which is both the most visually pleasing option and the easiest to adjust. For pipework which comes out from the wall instead, we would recommend corner valves, but for a full explanation please see our Valves Guide.

When using angled valves on the side of a radiator, remember that your pipework would want to be approximately 80mm-90mm wider than the radiator’s tappings depending on the exact valves used. To make sure there are no mistakes, be sure to order your valves first so your heating engineer can be certain. Our valves all come on a next working day delivery service if ordered before 1pm, so there’s no need to wait!

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