While we at the Designer Radiator Showroom are driven to provide the cutting edge of designer radiators, that edge doesn’t always have to mean the ultra-modern styles of the future.


Cast iron radiators are still being manufactured today in the UK, and are of higher quality now than ever before, and with an even greater range of options and choices to allow you to purchase the cast iron radiator of your dreams.


Join us today as we teach you about an old dog out who’s learned a few new tricks.




The next time you go to a stately home or to a period hotel with some rich history, have a look at the radiators you see fitted in the lobby, your room or the various amenities throughout. Chances are there are cast iron radiators sitting beautifully in each room, either ornately decorated or painted to elegantly blend in.


Refined detail; the Paladin St Paul


This refined style can be made for you extremely quickly, and without so much as breaking a sweat on the price.


Our specialist cast iron manufacturer Paladin is able to start from scratch, take your order and deliver to your door in only two weeks. It doesn’t matter if you live in the sticks, want an enormous size or a whole house full or radiators; Paladin takes your order and deliver on time, every time. Paladin’s cast iron radiators are easily the best quality vs. price vs. flexibility on the market too, making it very easy for the team here at the Designer Radiator Showroom to thoroughly recommend them for your home.



One very important thing which you can do with a cast iron radiator, which you cannot with most modern designer radiators, is decide exactly how wide you want it to be. Cast iron radiators are built by the section, so you might choose a model like the deliciously detailed Paladin Montpellier, and see that it is available at either 590mm tall, or 790mm tall.


Special finishes at no extra cost


From there you can see that each one of its sections is 71mm wide, and choose to have your radiator made for you in the size which you want it to be, and Paladin take care of the rest.


The finish choices are also amazingly diverse, you can choose from;

  • Farrow & Ball – The entire Farrow & Ball colour range, or any colour at all because Paladin offer a paint match service for free – Available at the standard price
  • Metallic Finishes – Available at the standard price
  • Hand Finished Antique Paint Effect – a paint treatment which carefully adds rich depth to your chosen colour or metallic finish, and emphasises your radiator’s detail


Paladin’s Antique Finishes are sumptuous


  • Hand Finished Highlight Paint Effect – Going one step further than the Antique effect, the Highlight paint effect takes a base finish of your choosing, and then Paladin’s radiator artists hand finish the raised detail in a second finish of choice, perfectly accentuating the raised detail so it is unavoidably eye-catching


Our Highlighted Finishes are detailed to perfection!


  • Hand Polished Service – Remarkably different. Take the paint away and leave the cast iron bare to the elements. Sounds preposterous, but Paladin hand polish each section of your radiator to a sumptuous glean, and leave it bare for you to take care of.


Bare cast iron; highly polished and firmly desired


The selection available when you start to look at cast iron radiators is tremendous, and this is why we at DRS offer complete assistance to help you find just the traditional radiator for your rooms, and make the process as easy and clear as possible.


If we’ve piqued your interest at all today, please feel free to contact us about our cast iron radiator range on our helpline 01257 452879 or email us at [email protected]