It dazzles, glimmers and shines in the sun, and moonlight dances across its shimmering surface by night. Chrome is the icing on the cake for any shape it takes; furnishings to complete a luxury bathroom, bright shining alloys to complement a sports car, the plating on a roaring low-rider motorcycle, and chrome radiators to brighten and enhance your home.


However, not all chrome is made equal and so it certainly pays to pay close attention when thinking about what type of radiator you are going to buy, and which brand that radiator comes from. Having to replace a dodgy Chrome radiator 2-3 years after purchasing it is going to cost you a lot more than paying a little bit more now for a quality radiator with a genuine guarantee.




Chrome’s magical sheen is only topped by its versatility in application, making it perfect for completely unique shapes, especially dramatic designer radiators. Truly chrome is the choice for dreamers, but sadly it’s also the choice for schemers…


The consequence of cheap Chrome might not be seen for a year or two after you’ve purchased it, but they can begin to deteriorate within 12 months depending on the environment they are in. In bathrooms where the air is humid every day, poor quality Chrome simply cannot stand up to the moisture, it starts to peel at the corners and welding points, rust sets in and it only gets worse from there.


The Vogue Arcadia – A classic Chrome


This writer had an experience in a rental property where within 10 months the welds were corroding on a towel radiator in multiple locations. It’s serious business!



The three most telling signs that a Chrome radiator might not be what is promised are the price, guarantee (the supposed quality) and heat output. Let’s delve into this further;



Chrome radiators cost a good deal of money to manufacture. If the radiator you are looking at is exceedingly cheap, especially for larger sizes, then this is a tell-tale sign that it is too good to be true. The aphorism goes; ‘you get what you pay for’, and this certainly applies to Chrome designer radiators



The absolute best quality manufacturers in our industry, for example the likes of Zehnder who have been manufacturing radiators since the early 1900s, even they only offer a 5 year guarantee of Chrome.


If you are seeing a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty being offered for a big Chrome radiator at £195, then chances are that within a few years the ‘manufacturer’ won’t exist anymore – no manufacturer, no warranty, no obligation for the company you bought it from to help



If we compare a steel radiator finished in Chrome versus one which has been painted, the Chrome version would provide between 20-30% LESS heat output. This is a big one, the radiator industry is plagued by misinformation regarding heat output from less reputable manufacturers – Naturally if they say that their radiators produce more heat and they cost less, then that’s a guaranteed buy, right? Wrong.


This is a bit trickier to spot as a customer, but if you are looking at a Chrome designer radiator and it’s heat output is drastically higher than a similar alternative (by more than say 10-15%), then take your medicine and consider the thought that the information for that radiator might just be smoke and mirrors


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