Designer radiators can be made from many materials, and even a few different materials at once, but stainless steel in particular stands out from the crowd when crafting the designer radiators of your dreams.


What makes stainless steel such a stellar choice? Join us today see a few brilliant designs and find out all about stainless steel.




Sometimes we compare radiators finished in chrome to models made from polished stainless steel, they do look very similar, but the key difference is that chrome products are made from normal steel which has chrome plated onto the surface, and stainless steel has no layers at all – it is stainless steel all the way through from its surface to its core.


Chrome is still involved in stainless steel, in fact, chrome makes up at least 10.5% of stainless steel’s mass as they are made together as an alloy, that’s why stainless steel looks even better than chrome. Just look at our amazing Zehnder Bay!



How could you not make a fuss over radiators like the Aeon Bamboo Corner? These are the reasons we at the Designer Radiator Showroom LOVE stainless steel;

  • First and foremost, stainless steel looks AMAZING. Of all the bare metals that radiators can be made in, stainless steel is by far the most modern and progressive in appearance
  • While every bit as beautiful (if not more) than chrome, stainless steel is a good deal more thermally efficient, giving bigger heat outputs while being picturesque to behold
  • Chrome radiators suffer from layer peeling and corrosion after a few years in a moist environment, stainless steel has nothing to hide – what you see on the outside is what you get on the inside – no peeling, no pitting.
  • Because it has no layers, and because it is made as an alloy with chrome, stainless steel is incredibly hard-wearing, and can stand up to moisture for decades, and benefits from a long average guarantee of 25 years


Stainless steel is a great choice for modern living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. It’s easy to clean and stays stunning for years and years. If all of this is a little much to take in, perhaps you would like a seat? The Aestus Noa. Just one of the envelope pushing designs which have come about from the increased manufacture of stainless steel.



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