The Radiator Company

The Radiator Company

A true pioneer in this field, The Radiator Company has since 1998 made exceptionally high quality designer radiators at great prices. By offering an incredible selection of Italian designs, each with a staggering range of sizes and bespoke choices, The Radiator Company is the purist’s choice for the home.

Regardless of the style, size or material, The Radiator Company does not sacrifice quality, ever. Their determination and commitment to the cause of manufacturing a product which will last decades is hard to match. More than just standing up to close scrutiny, they stand up to the test of time.

You might put product from The Radiator Company alongside a similar design from another brand and be puzzled by their similarity, more than just the quality of the finish, the strict uniformity of the tubes, the cleanliness of the welds; it is assurance which sets The Radiator Company apart, and putting value of peace of mind is not easily done.

With designs made from steel, cast iron, aluminium and stainless steel, pushing the envelope in innovation within the designer radiator industry, and fabulous designs to suit every interior and every room in the home, The Radiator Company have cemented themselves firmly in the market with quality products and a reputation which precedes them.

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