Aluminium Radiators

The Designer Radiator Showroom Aluminium Radiators range was brought together to make it easy for our customer to find powerful radiators which save on space and heating bills, while looking absolutely fantastic. We have achieved that and more by bringing together the industry’s greatest creators of stunning aluminium designs.
Aluminium is an exceptionally thermally efficient material to manufacture radiators from, and as a result it can be used to design radiators which hold less water than steel, but still product as much heat, or alternatively made to hold nearly as much as a steel model would in order to produce as much warmth to fill each room as possible.
While the initial investment might be higher, we at the Designer Radiator Showroom believe resolutely that Aluminium Radiators are the best way of achieving the look you want, while providing every bit of heat that you need. Due to the nature of aluminium its appearance, shape and finish options are always distinctive, this makes for a natural charm which might just catch your eye, and so have a look!

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