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Stylish and Efficient Cast Iron Radiators
Cast iron radiators offer unparalleled style, versatility, and efficiency for heating homes. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing cast iron radiators:

Classic Aesthetic
Traditional architectural styles
Suit older, period properties
Complement contemporary, post-modern and minimalist interiors
Casting process creates charm from imperfections
Real metal with authentic texture
“No other radiator gives you the satisfaction that cast iron radiators provide. They have a rich history evident in the detailed metalwork and textured finish.”

Customizable and Durable
Available in any size for your space
Sections hand fitted for bespoke dimensions
Widths from 4 up to 40 sections
Hundreds of finish options to match your decor
Hand painted highlights and detailed effects
Our specialists can create stunning custom designs like:

Soft whites with gold highlights
Dark anthracites with ornate silver details
Energy Efficient Heating
Excellent heat conduction from iron material
High thermal mass retains and radiates heat
Lower water content than steel radiators
Smaller models for rapid heat up time
Larger models provide prolonged heat emission
Compatible with modern heating systems
“Cast iron radiators provide cozy warmth and are highly effective at heating spaces of all sizes.”

Range of Models and Configurations
Traditional column styles with detail and flourishes
Sleeker contemporary models in various shapes
Vertical, horizontal, and corner positioning
Wall mounted or freestanding options
Integrated valves keep plumbing discrete
Common Cast Iron Radiator Types:

Single and double panel column styles
Curved federal models
Slimline low profile vertical models
Electric and dual fuel variants available
Cost Effective Lifetime Investment
Durable construction withstands knocks
Resilient finish prevents corrosion
Often outlive the properties they heat
Retain value for future sale of your home
Energy savings from iron’s high efficiency
Lower maintenance than steel radiators
“With exceptional durability and lifespan, cast iron radiators represent excellent long-term value for money.”

Pros of Cast Iron Radiators:
Timeless period aesthetic
Fully customizable sizing and finishes
Made in Britain craftsmanship
Excellent heat output and efficiency
Retain heat to prolong warmth
Durable iron resists scratches and rust
No repainting required as with steel
Integrated valves keep plumbing tidy
Unlimited positioning and mounting options
Can be matched to any style of decor
Lower maintenance requirements
Cons of Cast Iron Radiators:
Heavier than other designs
Not as easily adjustable as modular steel
Slow to heat up from cold
High thermal mass makes them slow to cool
Not as affordable as basic steel panel radiators
Limited size range of stock models
Need painting if a colour finish is desired
Frequently Asked Questions
How much do cast iron radiators cost?
Cast iron radiators range from £150 for a small single panel to over £1000 for a large ornate column style. However, they represent excellent long-term value due to their durability.

Do they rust or need repainting?
Quality cast iron radiators have a baked on finish that prevents rusting. They do not require periodic repainting like steel radiators.

Are they compatible with modern heating systems?
Yes, cast iron radiators work excellently with modern boiler systems and thermostatic controls.

Can I get custom sizes?
Definitely, our specialists can hand build cast iron radiators to your exact size requirements.

Do they work well with low temperature systems?
Their excellent heat output makes them suitable for low temperature systems, although slower warm up times should be considered.

Stylish Cast Iron Radiators For Every Home
Here at the Designer Radiator Showroom, we have the UK’s largest range of stunning cast iron radiators. Our specialists can advise you on choosing the perfect model and size for your space and interior style. Get in touch today to discuss your project!

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