Cast Iron Radiators

When it comes to traditional styles, older properties, post-modern interior design and even minimalist décor, Cast Iron Radiators fulfil a need which you always had. No other radiator gives you satisfaction quite like cast iron radiators can; they have a rich history which can be seen in the way the metal is formed, the way the finish is textured with charming imperfections and blemishes from the cast.
Not only are Cast Iron Radiators wonderfully charming, they are also remarkably practical and versatile. At the Designer Radiator Showroom we have the widest range of ornate and beautiful cast iron designs, and once you have settled on your design our experts can build your radiator to be almost any size. Each section of the cast iron radiations is hand fitted, and so you can have one made for you at 4 sections wide or 40 sections wide depending on what you need.
The finish options are nearly limitless here at DRS. Out specialist can produce hundreds of colours to match your needs, or even make hand painted highlighted effects where the raised detail on the radiator is accentuated by painting it a different finish to the bass coat – Think soft whites with gold highlights, dark anthracites with ornate silver details; the options are rich and stunning!

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