Column Radiators

Column Radiators, often referred to as the steel multicolumn, are the most cost effective traditional radiator option. The model that we see today is not so different from the original model made nearly a century ago in 1930; the manufacturing processes have improved, the materials are now more efficient, but that classic appearance has largely remained the same.
Being more thermally efficient than cast iron, while costing less, Column Radiators are all the more exciting. Here at the Designer Radiator Showroom we offer the absolute latest range of the steel multicolumn, from the best manufacturers on the planet, hailing from Germany, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and more.
Column Radiators are completely bespoke; if you can dream of a size and finish in your head then you can make. There are even some finishes that won’t be able to imagine without looking at the samples! The range of sizes possible is impossibly large due to the sectional nature of this range, meaning that we can make a radiator anywhere from 4 sections wide to over 40 sections.
It also means that heat output doesn’t have to be a worry anymore, as we can use a taller version, change to a deeper version with more columns from front to back or even add more sections to the width – this kind of freedom make heating your home extremely simple, and we’re here to help.

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