Vertical Radiators

Vertical Radiators are the iconic, defining style of designer radiator. There is no better way to make a bold statement than with a tall, luxurious radiator which defies the very thought of a conventional radiator. By taking up the full height of the room Vertical Radiator create a subtle dominance of the room’s aesthetic, and depending on the theme they either complement the décor, or become the focal point.
At the Designer Radiator Showroom we have the absolute latest vertical designer radiators for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or wherever your inspiration takes you! They come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, featuring circular tubes and cubic bars, traditionally shaped columns, brushed stainless steel, polished chrome and anodised aluminium.
Being visible at eye-level, each spectacular finish for every radiator stands out that much more, so whether you choose the most vibrant violet or quietly sleek silver, the simplest of models or the most sophisticated, our Vertical Radiators will not disappoint.

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