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Vogue Boxa is crafted using large square and rectangular tubing and has smooth rounded corners for that perfect finish. A flawless blend of form and function, this towel warmer is a beautiful and contemporary addition to any space.

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Why Vogue Boxa Radiators Are the Best

When it comes to home heating, Vogue Boxa radiators stand out as a top brand that offers quality, value and cutting-edge style. Here are reasons why Vogue Boxa radiators are worth investing in for your home:

  • Durable and Long Lasting – Built to the highest standards, Vogue Boxa radiators are extremely durable and made to last for decades. The one-piece pressed steel construction prevents leaks while maximizing heat conduction and radiation. You can count on years of reliable heating from these hardy radiators.
  • Energy Efficient – Engineered for efficiency, Vogue Boxa radiators heat up rapidly while using less energy compared to outdated radiator models. This saves you money on energy bills while keeping your rooms cozy and warm.
  • Uniform Heating – The flattened heat matrix design provides uniform surface temperature across Vogue Boxa radiators. This means no cold or hot spots, just consistent all-over heating you can depend on.
  • Thermostatic Control – For precise temperature regulation, Vogue Boxa radiators can be fitted with optional thermostatic valves. Set your desired heat level and the radiator will automatically adjust output, saving more energy.
  • Safety Features – Vogue Boxa radiators remain safely cool to the touch on the exterior surface. This prevents accidental burns while still heating your room effectively. The anti-condensation design also inhibits moisture build up.
  • Range of Sizes – Available in different lengths from 300mm up to 3000mm, Vogue Boxa radiators can be sized to perfectly fit your room and heating needs. Optimize heat output for any space.
  • Variety of Colors – Vogue Boxa radiators come in popular hues like white, cream and anthracite grey as well as bold, vibrant colors to make a stylish statement. Choose a shade to coordinate with your décor.
  • Modern, Minimalist Look – With their sleek, flat front design and concealed brackets, Vogue Boxa radiators have a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic. Seamlessly match any modern interior style.
  • Easy Maintenance – The smoothPrimer finish just needs an occasional wipe down, making Vogue Boxa radiators simple to keep clean and dust-free. Enjoy low maintenance heating.
  • Quick Installation – Vogue Boxa radiators come ready to install out the box. The clever plug-and-play design allows hassle-free hydraulic connection for fast fitting by a skilled professional.

With their energy efficiency, customization, safety innovations and contemporary style, it’s clear why Vogue Boxa radiators represent the pinnacle of modern radiator design. Invest in one of these high-quality models to enjoy the best in home heating for years to come.

The Boxa ladder rail with its squared tubing and smooth blunted corners is available in polished stainless steel or a mild steel with chrome finish.

  • Electric element 75-150 watt.
  • Mild Steel
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Please allow 3-5 Working Days Delivery for stocked items
  • Available in Central Heating, Dual Fuel and Electric options

To convert this radiator to dual fuel, you will need to purchase a Dual Fuel Conversion Kit.  To convert this radiator to fully electric, you will need to purchase an Electric Only Conversion Kit

Don't forget your valves and accessories

Your new designer radiator will need valves. They will allow you to control the heat of your new radiator with ease. Not sure what valves you need? Use our valve guide to help you decide. Need sleeving kits? Sleeving kits are tubes made of brass that cover your radiator pipes and can really complete the luxury look.

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